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Milliken’s rich history of technological innovation has resulted in more than 2,000 patents and the development of the largest textile research center in the world. We have just under 9,000 associates located at more than 45 manufacturing locations worldwide working with more than 19,000 different textile and chemical products.

Milliken makes a variety of fabric, yarn and chemical products that keep astronauts safe, make major league baseball players comfortable and adorn homes and businesses around the globe. Our products also give tennis balls their soft texture and Jell-O pudding its creamy smoothness.



Milliken is a global carpet manufacturer, able, via its digital technology, to leverage its design, product development and production capabilities around the world.

In its 15 years of involvement in the China market, this global approach to carpet making has allowed Milliken and Company to ensure its local customers:

Core Competence
+ Mineral Fiber and Metal False Ceilings.
+ Industrial Roof sheeting's.
+ Plaster Board Ceilings.
+ Drywall Partitions.
+ Access Floors and floor coverings.
+ Wall linings, roof insulations & other related Interior works
+ High End Office Furniture
+ Interior Contracting Jobs