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    Panel Systems & Tile Systems

    My Studio Environments

    My Studio Environments lets an organization reap the benefits of a satisfied and effective work force. It fosters comfort, well-being, and productivity in personal, human-scaled offices where people control their own privacy, their connection with others, and the direction they face. This unique package of capabilities helps organizations attract and keep in-demand knowledge workers that drive growth and innovation.


    With its precise, capable, and smart performance, Vivo interiors brings workspaces to life. Designed by Douglas Ball, its refined textures and details, exceptional fit, and versatile colors and materials make a crisp, clean appearance. It embodies Herman Miller's 40 years of learning and experience with systems furniture. And with its essential set of capabilities, Vivo takes the frame-and-tile concept to new levels of affordability.


    The Ethospace system continues to evolve as work changes, maintaining the integrity of its premier, high-performance design. With its wide choice of products, Ethospace responds to demands for traditional-looking environments, as well as for solutions that promote community, support new kinds of work, and handle sophisticated technology. Such versatility makes Ethospace a comprehensive system-one that can define and refine a space in the most effective way.


    Balancing economics with employee enrichment, Resolve is a human-centered system that supports professionals and various work styles throughout an organization. Its smart structure creates open, inviting, space-efficient workstations where people feel comfortable and connected. From traditional workspaces to innovative applications, Resolve gives people the tools to be productive. With such versatile character, it lets an organization create the environment that suits its vision while using its resources effectively.

    Action Office

    The world's first open-plan furniture system, the Action Office system continues to keep up with changes in the workplace-offering simplicity, value, perfect fit, and proven function. With 90- and 120-degree planning options, Action Office is a versatile, hard-working system for practical organizations. It functions equally well in high-visibility multishift stations and behind-the-scenes managers' offices.

Core Competence
+ Mineral Fiber and Metal False Ceilings.
+ Industrial Roof sheeting's.
+ Plaster Board Ceilings.
+ Drywall Partitions.
+ Access Floors and floor coverings.
+ Wall linings, roof insulations & other related Interior works
+ High End Office Furniture
+ Interior Contracting Jobs