Sayl Task Chair


Fewer parts, less material, and still everything – Sayl Task Chair

Good design, healthy support, and exceptional value are always attractive and Sayl delivers all three. By using smart engineering to transform simple materials, we were able to make Sayl everything a good chair should be. Fewer parts and less material also mean a smaller environmental impact.

Back Suspension Finish: Black

Seat Material: Cosmo Black (9119)

Tilt: Tilt Limiter with forward tilt

Back Support: Adjustable Lumbar Support

Casters: 65mm Hard Floor or Carpet Casters

Arms: Fully Adjustable Arms

Seat-Depth Adjustment: Adjustable Seat Depth

Base and Y-Tower Finish: Black Base with Black Y-Tower

Armpad Finish : Black Armpad

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Inspired by suspension bridges a structures that deliver the most using the least material Sayl’s 3D Intelligent back lets you stretch and move, striking a healthy balance between support and freedom. The elastomer strands vary in thickness and tension to provide greater support along the spine where you need it most, and less everywhere else so you are free to move.